Turtle Party

Where turtles come together to party.

Current Status: Beta Version 8.0

Deck Count: 6

Welcome to the party.

This is Turtle Party. Here, there are infinite deck possibilities, made by everyone and played by all. Turtle Party is a Community Driven Open Source Trading Card Game (OSTCG) that is played with a Central Deck.

Each turn you may pair or pitch and sometimes both. Cards have unique abilities and interact with each other. Acquire more points than your opponents by making pairs of cards in your party before the deck runs out!


Out of the magnificent combination of evolution with a touch of magic, there appeared a Wild Turtle. The First Wild Turtle roamed the earth watching the rise and fall of civilizations and transformations in the flora and fauna content over many eons. This mythical creature observed the natural world that we all live in for some time, entertaining itself by watching the dynamics of growth, struggle, diversity, creation, and destruction of many species. This was very thought provoking for her, but eventually Wild Turtle began to see the cycles of life repeat itself, and she became lonely. Wild Turtle was aware that there were many other turtles in the world and had observed many of them. But her spark of life was not complete without a full unity with others. She desired community, interaction, to have fun with other turtles!

Wild Turtle consequentially swirled her magic rainbow spark around a few other Box Turtles, Giant Tortoises, and Leather backs, helping them realize their innate rainbow powers of infinite omniscience. She gathered these first few turtles to pitch a mission to help spread the spark of joy, and the ecstatic joys of diverse community to the other turtles of the world. They consented to the mission, finding it to perhaps be a fruitful and wholesome goal for the community of turtles at large. And so the wilds went out, spreading the word of a magical party. These gatherings would come to be known as Turtle Parties, where all turtles can come together to share their knowledge, train their skills, and to learn what their fellow turtles are capable of. They also brought along many Party Favors to share.

They met in ideal, yet remote locations, typically gathering around a pond of some sort. The First Turtle Parties were one for the books, though typically small in size with only several dozens of turtles in attendance. These parties became widespread, though strictly unseen by human eyes, and eventually many regional and international Turtle Parties became highly attended events by turtles of all kinds. The appeal of traveling to different ponds to experience different regional iterations of Turtle Party interactions was and is still to today a highly sought after experience for turtles whose have found it in their hearts to have a community that they belong to. (perhaps have a woman voice over of this to start of the video of how to play)

Set Up

Deck size for 2 players:60 cards (2 packs)
Deck size for 3-6 players:120 cards (4 packs)
Deal out 5 cards to each playerTake turns going clockwise, starting to the left of the dealer.

Each Turn

You get one Play each turn (unless otherwise granted by card effects as +1 Play). Use these Plays to Pitch, Pair, and Pass. String together several effects each turn for potentially epic turns.
Pitch a card into the Pitch Pond for its pitch effect as a play. The Pitch Pond is the area directly surrounding the Deck and Discard Pile. The Pitch Pond is a communal pool of turtles that anyone may pair a same name card or same number card with as a play.
You may also pair two cards from your hand as a play.Pair the same name to activate Pairing and Once Paired effects.Pair the same number for no effect activation (these pairs still count towards your point value!).Wild cards can be paired with any card as if they had the same name to activate Pairing and Once Paired effects. Wild cards are also every color in decks where that matters.
For every Play you have remaining at the end of your turn, you must discard a card if you can.
At the end of your turn, refill back to hand size as long as there are still cards in the deck.
Play until the deck is out and no one can play. Count up the points and declare a winner!

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Have a comment or question or want to know what everyone is thinking about Turtle Party? Take a look on the reddit page: <reddit.com/r/turtlepartycardgame/>

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