Make a deck

Have an idea you want to play test? Print em' off and try it out! If it's fun, share with the community.

Note on plagiarism

There is none! This is a community driven game, you are free to reproduce, copy, and alter any card you want without worry from the Turtle Party headquarters, SickPrints LLC, or Tommy Tommy Fieser. Keep in mind copyrights of other people and companies, this game does not opt out of plagiarism of others!

You can use the original card backings as included here or make your own. Mix and match your unique deck with whatever cards and proxies you want. Sleeving your deck up conceals differentiated backs as well as protects your cards, so support your local card shop by buying some standard sized sleeves and sleeve em up! This page walks you through how to even print, alter, and design your own cards and decks. If you have ideas for a card, you can hit up some artists on Fiverr to bring your creation to life. Just be sure they

Card Organization

Notice at the bottom there are three things on the grey bar...

The number on the left signifies when it was exported and the card creator.


The symbol in the middle signifies which deck it came in.

The signature on the right is the artist's signature.

Budget Play Test Deck

Here's how to make a deck to playtest

Materials: sleeves, old cards, and a printer.

Below are printable templates. I recommend using a local print shop like UPS.


Box 1


Box 2


Box 3

Box 4 (not exported yet)

Alter a Deck

One thing you can do is sleeve up the deck in card sleeves (I like Matte Black Dragon Shield Sleeves) and then either draw or print onto copy paper, cut it out, and slip it into the sleeves with the other cards.

For simple graphics design and exportation, I like to recommend GIMP. It is a free open source photo shop! There are tutorials on YouTube for all parts of pixel manipulation on GIMP.

You may also download a printable deck and use a photo shop to change the wording, then print it.

Print a Deck

You can use Make Playing Cards's website ( They are great for up to 612 cards (5 decks!). Buying a single deck with 612 is the way to get the best deal in cents per card (~30 cents per card or $160). I prefer the MPC finish on S33 cards: "Custom Game Cards (63 x 88mm, 2.48"×3.46")

Print Many Decks

Absolutely love your deck and want 500 copies? Make Playing Cards and other similar companies can do bulk orders for a fraction of the price/deck as small orders. Feel free to sell them on etsy or at your local game shop. Reach out on the forum to collaborate with other deck designers.

Card Size

To make Turtle Party cards meld together, they should all be printed at 63 x 88mm which is 2.48"×3.46".

Images are 1644 pixels by 2244 pixels. There is a hefty ~100 pixel black boarder.

Turtle Party Original Back

Transparent Boarder PNG