organized by ecosystem - this doesnt really make sense for this website. definetely does for the electric routes website though. maybe the map idea can fly eventually but it doesnt really necessarily have to be organized by ecosystem. unless there's tornaments to see which game plays the best in each region, a community voted and time sensitive system.

deck lists can be store on um somewhere. maybe i have to make that?

or add that to the map.

this can be a log of where games are being created and played.

Mak a google maps (lol this idea sounds familiar). make a google maps and organize by region. (maybe on the same map as electric routes? Well will at least have them side by side on drive hopefully).

include a scoreboard on website of where peopl email in their scores and i can put them up. nah they should put them up. not sure what im keeping score of, but maybe this is where deck combinations can compete for being the most artful and skillfully crafted.